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Sneaking inside, Griffin finds a police inquiry under way, conducted by an official who believes that it is all a hoax. After securing his books, he attacks and kills the officer. Back home, Kemp calls first Cranley, asking for help, and then the police.

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Flora persuades her father to let her come along. In her presence, Griffin becomes more placid and calls her "darling. After promising Kemp that at 10 o'clock the next night he will murder him, Griffin escapes and goes on a killing spree. He causes the derailment of a train, resulting in a hundred deaths, and throws two volunteer searchers off a cliff.

The police offer a reward for anyone who can think of a way to catch him. The chief detective in charge of the search uses Kemp as bait, feeling that Griffin will try to fulfill his promise, and devises various clever traps. At Kemp's insistence, the police disguise him in a police uniform and let him drive his car away from his house.

Griffin, however, is hiding in the back seat of the car. He overpowers Kemp and ties him up in the front seat. Griffin then sends the car down a steep hill and over a cliff, where it explodes on impact. Griffin seeks shelter from a snowstorm in a barn. A farmer hears snoring and sees the hay, in which Griffin is sleeping, moving. The man notifies the police. The police surround the building and set fire to the barn. When Griffin comes out, the chief detective sees his footprints in the snow and opens fire, mortally wounding him. Griffin is taken to the hospital where, on his deathbed, he admits to Flora that "I meddled in things that man must leave alone.

Several notable character actors appear in minor roles, including Dwight Frye as a reporter, Walter Brennan as a man whose bicycle is stolen by Griffin, and John Carradine , acting at that time under the name Peter Richmond, as a Cockney informer. Claude Rains was not the studio's first choice to play the lead role in The Invisible Man. Boris Karloff was originally supposed to play the part but withdrew after producer Carl Laemmle Jr. The film was released on November 13, [9] [10] and was marketed with the taglines "Catch me if you can!

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Wells' Fantastic Sensation". Although the basic framework of the story and the characters' names are largely the same as in the novel, there are several great differences. Each takes place around the same time it was released: the novel in the s, and the film in In the novel, Griffin the Invisible Man remains almost a totally mysterious person, with no fiancee or friends; in the film he is engaged to a beautiful woman and has the support of her father and his associate.

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In the novel, Griffin is already insane before he makes himself invisible and he is entirely motivated by a lust for power. In the film, Griffin is driven mad by the drug that makes him invisible. Kemp survives in the novel; his life is saved by those who ultimately kill Griffin.

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In the film, Dr. Kemp is terrified throughout, and pays with his life for betraying Griffin. The film is known for its clever and groundbreaking visual effects by John P. Fulton , John J. Mescall and Frank D. Williams , whose work is often credited for the success of the film. Claude Rains was claustrophobic and it was hard to breathe through the suit.


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Consequently, the work was especially difficult for him, and a double, who was somewhat shorter than Rains, was sometimes used. The effect of Rains seeming to disappear was created by making a head and body cast of the actor, from which a mask was made. The mask was then photographed against a specially prepared background, and the film was treated in the laboratory to complete the effect.

However there is a lapse at the end of the film when the invisible Rains walks through the snow and the outlined indentations as he walks appear as the imprints of shoes instead of his naked feet as it should have been. The movie was popular at the box office, Universal's most successful horror film since Frankenstein. Mordaunt Hall of The New York Times wrote, "The story makes such superb cinematic material that one wonders that Hollywood did not film it sooner. Now that it has been done, it is a remarkable achievement. Film Daily wrote, "It will satisfy all those who like the bizarre and the outlandish in their film entertainment.

The Invisible Man and the Invisible Hand: H.G. Wells's Critique of Capitalism

Despite the critical acclaim, H. Wells , the author of the book the film was based on, said at a dinner in its honor that "while he liked the picture he had one grave fault to find with it. It had taken his brilliant scientist and changed him into a lunatic, a liberty he could not condone. In the movie, an essential color-removing drug in the process had the unavoidable side-effect of unbalancing his mind. Whale, who had previously directed Frankenstein as well as the first version of Waterloo Bridge , received a Special Recommendation from the Venice Film Festival in recognition of his work on The Invisible Man.

Due to the success of the first film, a sequel title The Invisible Man Returns was later released in starring different actors and following different characters. In Universal released six legacy collections that included some of their best horror films. The Invisible Man was uncut and longer than previously televised versions. In February , it was announced that Johnny Depp would star in the remake with Ed Solomon writing the film's script, while Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan would be the producers. The series of films, which began with The Mummy , was to be followed by Bride of Frankenstein in Franchise producer Alex Kurtzman stated that fans should expect at least one film per year in the shared film universe.

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