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Compared to previous methods the introduced algorithm has the advantage of noise-tolerance and is applicable independently of the size of the clusters in the graph. The cluster core-mining method is based on a modified MST algorithm. Clustering incomplete data is done by using bipartite graphs and fuzzy membership functions. In this chapter the system based on camera and multimedia projector enabling a user to control computer applications by dynamic hand gestures is presented.

The main objective is to present the gesture recognition methodology which bases on representing hand movement trajectory by motion vectors analyzed using fuzzy rule-based inference. Results of fuzzy rule-based and fixed threshold-based gesture recognition effectiveness are provided. As an example of system usage the so-called Interactive Whiteboard application is presented. Details on the application engineered are provided in the context of fuzzy inference processing. Similarly to text, video is hierarchically structured. The analogies of text and video structures are discussed.

Advances in Multimedia and Network Information System Technologies

Then the juxtaposition is presented of two indexing processes, i. Several frameworks of automatic detection and categorisation of video shots and scenes reporting the sport events in a given discipline in TV sports news have already been proposed. It has been observed that many sport videos such as archery, diving, soccer, and tennis have repetitive structure patterns. Experimental results show good performance of the scheme of video scene detection of a given sport discipline in TV sports news.

The Automatic Video Indexer is a research project investigating tools and techniques of automatic video indexing for retrieval systems.

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A concept, practical realization and applications of a passive acoustic radar for automatic localization and tracking of sound sources were presented in the paper. The device consists of the new kind of multichannel miniature sound intensity sensors and a group of digital signal processing algorithms.

Contrary to active radars, it does not emit a scanning beam but after receiving surroundings sounds it provides information about the directions of incoming acoustical signals. Practical examinations of the sensitivity and accuracy of the developed radar were also presented and discussed. The sensitivity of the realized acoustic radar was examined in a free sound field.

Several kinds of sound signals were used, such as: pure tone from to Hz, one third octave band noise in the same frequency range and impulsive sounds. The obtained results for every kind of signal groups were presented and discussed. Results from experiments show that in some cases even a small value of the signal to noise ratio was sufficient to localize the sound source correctly. A video camera can be pointed automatically to the place where the detected acoustical source is localized.

Hence, information about the sound event direction can be used for the automatic and remote control of the PTZ Pan Tilt Zoom cameras. The automatic and continuous tracking in real time of the selected sound source movement is also possible. The proposed solution can significantly improve the functionality of traditional surveillance monitoring systems. An application of a multiframe SR superresolution algorithm applied to video monitoring is described.

The video signal generated by various types of video cameras with different parameters and signal distortions which may be very problematic for superresolution algorithms. The paper focuses on disadvantages in video signal which occur in video surveillance systems. Especially motion estimation and its influence on superresolution effectiveness is analyzed. In proposed initial solution a proper frame shift estimation is shown.

Tests of the proposed algorithm performed video frames from real surveillance system in which many described difficulties were found. Result image examples show image resolution enhancement with plate numbers.

The Eleventh International Conference on Advances in Multimedia

The improvement of image quality is discussed in reference to further plate recognition. The chapter provides an overview of essential analyses and comparisons helpful in corporate human resources management based on social network approach. Several ideas, measurements, interpretations and evaluation methods are presented and discussed, in particular group detection, centrality degree, dynamic analysis, social concept networks. The approach based on Active Appearance Models AAM can be used as a sophisticated technique of multimedia information analysis providing means for localization and recognition of objects in images or video sequences.

Despite the large number of publications on AAMs it is still a challenging task to move from theoretical concepts to working implementation. In this paper we describe the software suite that allows the user to create an appearance model of any visual object. The relations between algorithmic issues and application architecture are emphasized.

Preliminary experiments performed with AAM Toolkit are also presented. In the chapter an approach to solve the problem of service matchmaking and discovery is discussed. By a service we mean a independent component which has specified inputs and outputs and some functional and non-functional features. In our approach to describe services ontologies are used.

It helps us to include some semantics to the services. In this work we present a system of service discovery and then our contribution to this domain — rough set-based approach to solve considered problem. Some simple example which illustrates proposed approach is shown. In currently used networks there are no self-protection or autonomous defending mechanisms.

Information Systems & Technology Department

This situation leads to the spread of self-propagating malware, which causes even more dangerous, and significant threats i. Self-defending functionality, using data mining approach detects and reacts to some of network threats. User Adaptive Systems UAS are growing in past time along with expansion of intelligent ubiquitous systems to every piece of embedded device around us. These systems provide a many of interesting and useful services to support our day life needs in all areas include biomedical world of our bodies.

Every such service need however to provide their results by some kind of interface. Therefore the need of a simple, intuitive and graphically attractive interface is much appreciated.

Proceedings of the 10th International Conference MISSI 2016

The solutions that until quite recently remained in the domain of science-fiction now become a part of our everyday life. Their influence is multiplied by network connections and by multimedia presentations and communications. Our intention was to offer to the readers of this monograph a very broad review of the recent scientific problems in that area. Searching for their solutions had became a principal task of numerous scientific teams all over the world. Preparing this book we have asked for cooperation many European research teams. In effect the monograph is a collection of carefully selected and the most representative — in our opinion - investigations, solutions, and applications presented by different scientific groups from nine countries.

Content of the book has been divided into five parts: 1. Multimedia information technology 2.

Multimedia networks and the public switched telephone network - IEEE Journals & Magazine

Data processing in information systems 3. Covers the latest advances in networked-based information systems Includes the Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Network-Based Information Systems NBiS , held in Bratislava, Slovakia on September 5—7, Brings together research from both network systems and information systems see more benefits.

Buy eBook. Buy Softcover. FAQ Policy. About this book This book presents the latest research findings and innovative theoretical and practical research methods and development techniques related to the emerging areas of information networking and their applications.

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