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This means the U. Managers and administrators tend to be better educated than the workforce at large and typically possess technical or functional skills. Given that, we should expect them to deliver better than average output per capita once reassigned to more productive, and potentially more satisfying, work. Instead of essentially ignoring them and forcing them to create their own purpose, put them on value-add activities.

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Here are a few ideas off the top of my head:. Good middle managers do some of these already, but most middle managers could do all of them in pockets and be way more effective. See the difference between List 1 and List 2? What else would you add about middle managers? My name is Ted Bauer. I blog a lot.

I freelance and ghost-write primarily for a living. If you want to talk to me about that, go for it. Sign in. Get started. Middle managers are killing the economy. Ted Bauer Follow. Why they make. How they see. What they do. Everyday is the creators' perspectives. This is the corporate blog of AMI. Management Leadership Middle Management. Blogging, largely about work and how to improve it. We publish creators. See responses 1. Discover Medium. Make Medium yours. Become a member. The possibility of increment in responsibility and role is possible only once every few years.

With platforms like Dropbox and CRMs with powerful mobile applications, it is of no surprise that middle managers get canned. The problem occurs due to a change in roles. They go from a change in role from a relatively low power to a high power one. These micro changes in the power structure are one of the main reasons for conflict in the workplace. Suddenly all his colleagues became his subordinates!

The Crisis of Middle Management

They started hating Chandler for it, even though there was no fault of his own! Chandler Bing fell in the classic trap of middle manager hatred. Do you think you can climb the ranks to the top management without being a middle manager? Well, the answer is no! Nevertheless, the middle manager has to deliver results and extract the best out of his subordinates.

Can be anything, ideas or values or product, anything! Now create the same thing for your company. Connect the ideas or values common and voila! The bridge gets created. The only thing that remains is outsourcing your passion for the company.

Expanding Demands on Middle Management

And if you are already passionate about the ideas of your company then you are going to save a lot of time and effort in channeling your passion. What if there is no overlap of these interest between you and the organization? If you think those interests will develop over time then it's time to buckle up and take things by the scruff of its neck. Remember the day when you perfectly ticked off all the checklist in your to-do list in your work?

Be it creating the perfect presentation slide or getting that elite client on board and everybody was praising you. Yes, those days are long gone. Managers in an organization are responsible for managing day to day tasks and also managing the whole team. Your to-do list is now an open-ended checklist that reflects the performance of your team members. Managers are responsible for extracting praiseworthy results from his team. Also, your role inclines slightly towards human resource management as you will be managing people under you.

The pat on the back is not direct but you have to condition yourself to it. Any praise to any team member or any project undertaken by your team is a reflection of your good team management. This goes without saying that a clean reporting structure can go a long way.

Why is Your Company’s Middle Management Struggling?

The reporting of daily or weekly activities should be properly categorized. Usually, activities get reported in a team meeting and unnecessary meetings are definitely not the way to go. According to Harvard Business Review executives now spend a total of about 23 hours a week on meetings, up from less than 10 hours in the s.

Meetings go across the boundary and forces interaction most of the time these are unnecessary among employees.

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Through effective onboarding and training, middle managers have to see their various roles as integrated rather than segmented. The middle managers' role transitions from being a leader and a subordinate to being an integral part of the organization. But not all managers and executives will be uncomfortable with the transition in the role of executives to subordinates.

Others will require a detailed view of the roles. The roles must get connected in the grand scheme of things of the organization. Most mid level managers are in a delusion that this is just an ongoing phase towards the top management tier.

The Critical & Visible Activities for Middle Management | Bizfluent

Yes, it is true, but the jump is a huge one and it is very likely that the organizational structure will be rigid and test your mettle in this area for a long time. On average, an employee is "stuck" in the middle management role for about 7 years. The people in the upper level suite are not going anywhere. In most cases, the front line shoes of the executive tier will be filled by outsiders.

This increases frustration and demotivation in middle managers. The acceptance will go a long way to increase your job satisfaction and overall productivity.

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There is a great model for understanding workplace stress. It states that a person in high demand but low decision-making liberties can take a toll on their happiness and increase stress. Mid level managers in an organization often fall prey to these kinds of organizational structures. The key here is to understand how the upper management utilizes their decision making capability. Also, you should learn from your peers who have the gift of communication.

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Try to understand the way they converse with the top level executives and other attribution sharealike. The constant switching between various roles for a middle manager can take a toll on their productivity and satisfaction. Lingering effects of the previous role can diminish efficiency and also creates confusion.