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This page discusses issues of interest to those who write assembly language programs for the Linux operating system. This page is a bit more technically oriented; this material is not specifically suited for those who are just learning assembly language or just learning Linux, for that matter. The Art of Assembly Language will gently guide you through the wonderful world of assembly language programming under Linux. When you complete that text, you'll be ready to attack the material found on this page.

If you're looking for a free assembler to use under Linux, check out the "High Level Assembler" HLA which is now available for the Linux operating system. HLA is available free here on Webster. Advanced programmers, however, will need to access operating facilities that the HLA Standard Library just doesn't provide.

Assembly language programmers writing Linux code, for example, may need to make Linux-specific calls within their applications.

Guide To Assembly Language Programming in Linux Book/CD Package

Fortunately, the HLA Standard Library does include a Linux system call module that provides hundreds of wrapper functions, macros, constants, and data types of use to the Linux assembly language programmer. Assembly Language Programming Video Course , a part video series, taught by Arthur Griffith , who has a very folksy charm. Assembly Language Intro , a class room lecture at Cornell, introducing assembly language.

Assembly Language Programming , an hour-long introduction to assembly, and a great format if you really liked following algebra examples on an over-head projector when you were in high school this is part of a larger series on Microprocessors and Microcontrollers. X86 instruction listings , full list of all instructions for the x86 architectures, with notes on when each was added. X86 Opcode and Instruction Reference.

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Assemblers — there are a lot of assemblers available — here are a few of the most popular free and open source assemblers:. Assembly Forum at Dream. Professional Assembly Language. Assembly Language for x86 Processors. Whether you should learn assembly language depends on what your goals are.

There are two primary reasons to learn assembly language: because you want to use it directly, or because you want to understand computers at a fundamental level.

The overwhelming majority of software development, including virtually all applications development of any kind, uses high level programming languages, and not assembly code. Some specific areas where assembly language gets used are:. The other reason to learn assembly language is just to gain a better understanding of what is actually going on deep in the guts of a computer.


This is why virtually all Computer Science majors have to learn assembly language. There are some languages where, if you know just a little, you can do a whole lot. Python and Ruby are like that — you can learn enough in a weekend to build something worthwhile.

Assembly language is not like that.

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Assembly language is never used in a vacuum. The type of engineer who needs to know assembly is likely to be working in area where there is a need a to know a handful of other skills to be effective. These likely include:. Hardware languages, like VHDL and Verilog , along with a good understanding of microprocessors and electrical engineering.

Guide to Assembly Language Programming in Linux

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Guide to Assembly Language Programming in Linux

Introduces Linux concepts to programmers who are familiar with other operating systems such as Windows XP Provides comprehensive coverage of the Pentium assembly language. Added to basket.

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